Part Details Molding Details  
  Basic Shift Information  
Part Name # of working hours per shift  
# of Parts (Order Quantity) # of shifts per day  
Material Name # of working days in a week  
Part Weight (gms) # of working weeks in a year  
Mold Details Cold Runner Details  
# of Cavities (or impressions) Cold Runner - Cycle Time (secs)  
Cold runner weight - (weight of runner only - in gms) Cold Runner - Scrap Rate (%)  
Runner Savings -  (if hot runner is used - in %) Labor needed for cold runner per shift (hours)  
Cost Hot Runner Details  
Material Cost ($/lb) Hot Runner - Cycle Time (secs)  
Machine Hourly Rate ($/hour) Hot Runner - Scrap Rate (%)  
Labor Hourly Rate ($/hour) Labor needed for hot runner per shift (hours)  
Cost for the Hot Runner ($) - additional cost only      
Hotrunner Cycle Calculations Hotrunner Savings   
Part to Runner Ratio Material Cost Savings ($)  
Parts/Hour Machine Cost Savings ($)  
Parts/Day Labor Cost Savings($)  
Parts/Week Variable Cost - Savings  
Days to Complete Order Cost of Hotrunner ($)  
Weeks to Complete Order Savings from  Hot Runner ($)  
    Net Savings  
Material Savings    
Material Savings (lbs)    
Material Savings (Kg) Savings per part (in cents)  
Payback (# units quantity to recover initial investment)